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Silence may be born of a wrong and signals that something is in abeyance (Lyotard, 57). What is withheld in silence? Will telling of a suffering that cannot be recounted actually break a silence, or does the (silent) wait continue? The exile's unhoming, from a place but also from themselves, is the condition of creating something new, of starting a new story. The hope is that enabling a silence to be heard carries the work of withholding (that which is held in abeyance) further. This silence is the insistence that history is made of feelings, no matter what the historians say.
(text fragment by Stewart Motha)
Silence Heard Loud is an art documentary which constitutes the second panel of Anna Konik refugee triptych. She met her interviewees, students of the Compass Project, at Birkbeck, University of London.
Silence Heard Loud - Anna Konik

Silence Heard Loud - Anna Konik

In partnership with students and alumni of the Compass Project Birkbeck University of London & Leslie Topp
With essays by Stewart Motha and Łukasz Kropiowski

Book Concept: Anna Konik
Edited by: Anna Konik, Leslie Topp
Translation from Polish to English: Jarek Fejdych
Editing of English translation: John Hills
Photographs of drawings: Bartosz Górka
Design: Grzegorz Laszukk+s
Proofreading English: Leslie Topp
Editing of Polish texts: Jolanta Dąbrowska
Printed by Lega, Jacek Rybicki
Published by Municipal Gallery Arsenał in Poznań
ISBN: 978-83-61886-95-2
Dimensions: 12 x 19,5 cm
Pages: 120

Paper edition: 10,00 EUR
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