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Diana Lelonek: Wasteplants Atlas

Diana Lelonek: Wasteplants Atlas / Atlas śmiecioroślin

Curator: Marek Wasilewski

Photographs by: Diana Lelonek

Graphic Design and Typesetting: Krzysztof Pyda

Editorial Coordinator: Jacek Zwierzyński

English Translations: Eliza Rose

Proofreading in English: Vanessa Gravenor

Copy-editing and Proofreading in Polish: Justyna Knieć, Monika Stanek

Prepress: Krzysztof Krzysztofiak

Printed by Moś & Łuczak

Published by Galeria Miejska Arsenał

with the Participation of Lokal_30

ISBN (1): 978-83-61886-93-8

ISBN (2): 978-83-94996-81-9

Otabind softcover with flaps

Dimensions: 24 × 32 cm

Pages: 112 + 8 s.

22,00 EUR
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Diana Lelonek’s herbarium is fundamen­tally distinct from its historical precedents. It is not a collection of dried specimens but, rath­er, a report on the effects of human activity on certain species of plants. Lelonek has conducted research in landfills and postindustrial slag heaps on sites that may seem minimally conducive to floral life. She is fascinated by the capacity of cer­tain plant species to adapt to new, unnatural, and often entirely synthetic soil matrices and to create hybrid wasteplants. Lelonek’s work calls attention to transformations in the natural world provoked by human activity in the age of the Anthropocene, now that humankind’s supremacy over nature has begun to undermine the very basis of the Homo sapiens species and that of planet Earth as a whole. In this light, Lelonek’s herbarium is a watershed event, for hers is likely the first her­barium of a new era in which these de-humanized hybrid forms will incrementally gain precedence over the flora we have thus far deemed “natural.”

Marek Wasilewski

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