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The Life of a Poem
spotkanie w ramach cyklu Współczytnik: „Czas Kultury" i przyjaciele
24.10.2019, g. 18.00

In Western culture it is common to believe that reading is an activity carried out in solitude and silence. Współczytnik [Reader Share] is based on a different assumption: let us read in a community, let us read aloud - solo, by twos, in a choir.

The subject of the October meeting, i.e. poem and life, is a subject perfectly suited for an inconclusive essay, a discussion without content, or at least: pre-talk when we do not yet know what we would like to talk about exactly. But when one of the contemporary poets asks: "Where else can such a life escape and hide?", the question begs a number of assumptions, triggers a desire to concretise a few conclusions and provokes a discussion about the relationship between poetry and life.

On the basis of a few poems we will tell each other where and against what this "life" would hide. And if so, we will also ask where poetry finds life - intercepted, substituted, calculated in statistics, separated, but also elusive.

moderator: Dawid Gostyński

photo M. Kaczyński