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Sticking With Places
wieczór poetycki i spotkanie z Natalią Karczewską
11.07.2020, godz. 16.00

Join us for a poetry reading and a meeting with Natalia Karczewska, dedicated to her installation “Storm in a Wardrobe”, on display at the exhibition Tymczas - Letnia Rezydencja Galerii Sandra.

“I wish a storm would come out of my wardrobe, followed by fragrant light air, so that I could smell the earth and moisture when reaching for my T-shirt. As if in air freshener ads, my room would become a forest. And then I would carve out the grass from a stroll that did not take place. A stroll through the wardrobe, with an eye, a finger, maps, and paths; a triple-steep shell and contacts - my wild friends, all of me”.

Natalia Karczewska was born in 1994 in Aschaffenburg. She graduated in Animation and Intermedia from the University of Arts in Poznań. The topics she deals with include the poetic world of memories and the conveying of impressions by constructing peculiar objects and films. Her activities are based on experimentation with various media, which the artist often combines to come up with her own unique techniques. She has displayed her work e.g. at lokal_30 Gallery, BWA Zielona Góra, Re : MOCAK Gallery, and Skala Gallery.