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(Out of the)Ordinary
A talk and action of putting yourself in the shoes of a person with a disability
26.03.2022, 4-7 pm

Bojka Diving Collective was established in 2017. It raises feminist and ecological subjects via learning and perfecting diving skills. The group brings together mainly women with different levels of fitness and health status and at risk of economic exclusion. The range of Bojka's activities includes counteracting gender discrimination (mainly against the marginalisation of women in the diving environment), fighting for the aquatic environment (with particular emphasis on coral reefs) and using diving as a tool for self-empowerment, emancipation and therapy. In addition, the collective's projects are always complemented by workshops on non-violent and anti-discriminatory communication and classes on stress reduction and management.

During the (Out of the)Ordinary workshop we wish to depict everyday life of persons with disabilities so that it becomes more tangible and understandable. It seems that people with disabilities can live an ordinary life, just like any other human beings, but our everyday life is beset by adversities, illogical adaptations and solutions, which we have to cope with in our own way.

Do you need to take stairs to get to your favourite club? We need to find another way. There is a lift, but no one can operate it? We have to deal with it differently. Our everyday life is about dealing with maladjustment, intolerance, discrimination and "solutions for people with disabilities", which have been applied by some bureaucrat and are not at all functional for people with different degrees of disability.

In our workshop we want the participant to put themselves in the position of people with disabilities, to experience the adversities of everyday life, the difficulties of architectural solutions, etc. We want to present several different disabilities, based on our own experiences. What do blind people feel? How do wheelchair users cope? How do people on the autism spectrum see the world? What barriers do we face every day? What is pretty obvious to a non-disabled person may be an insurmountable obstacle for a person with a disability.

moderators: Aleksandra Majer and Katarzyna Pierzynowska –  Bojka Collective

information / registration: Joanna Tekla Woźniak,