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Drag Queen. Conceptualization of the Persona
a workshop with Babcia
15.11.2022, 6-8 PM

Babcia will lead the first of three meetings in line with the 'everything is an inspiration' paradigm. In other words, every experience and cultural influence or our pop culture preferences and every manifestation of self-identification can lead to the formation of our idea of drag.

The workshop will include Babcia's self-presentation; he will talk about the journey he went through in creating the concept of his current persona. In the spirit of Nadia Markiewicz's DRIVE-THRU exhibition, Babcia will explain how living with a non-normative body influenced him, how this influenced his self-image and how he later used the cultural markers of his body, which he can now recognise as his unique asset.

Babcia: I would like to affirm this attitude in the listeners and direct them towards a unique experience that can be subversively used as a tool for artistic expression.

We will devote the second half of the meeting to working with the listeners. We will encourage you to create drag characters from the backstory; they will overlap with your experiences and inspirations. We will try to show the drag characters in the context of a story, of some kind of narrative. The exercise will be, in a way, a prelude to the following meetings, where we will build the visual side of the drag persona and how it can be performed.