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Deaf migrants from the East living in Poland
online meeting
24.02.2022, 6 pm

The subject of migrant women and men living in Poland has been raised many times, but has overlooked Deaf people. Let us try to get to know them. During the meeting, held entirely in the Polish sign language interpreted into Polish, Daniel Kotowski, together with his invited guests: Lesia Lupookova and Volha Siarko will try to find answers to the questions: Can migrant women feel at home in Poland? What impact do class distinctions and language barriers have on a sense of security? Do migrant women and men belong to the Polish Deaf community? How to facilitate access to common places for Deaf migrants, men and women?

participants: Volha Siarko, Lesia Lupookova

moderator: Daniel Kotowski

Daniel Kotowski - b. 1993, visual artist, performer. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2018) and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Computer Technology in Warsaw (2016). Doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He is an indicator of incompleteness, non-compliant with the norm because he is Deaf and does not use speech. Talking about existential incompleteness and completeness, he analyses their potential.

Lesia Lupookova

Ukrainian. Trained as a pedagogue and psychologist. She uses Russian sign language, Polish sign language and Russian. She has been living in Poland for almost 5 years.

Volha Siarko

Belarussian of Polish extraction. In 2015 she moved to Poland, where she graduated from high school at the Jakub Falkowski Institute for the Deaf in Warsaw. She briefly studied finance and insurance mathematics at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and dropped out. She is a football player on the Polish Deaf National Team.