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A Global Approach to the Art of Eastern Europe
spotkanie wokół książki Piotra Piotrowskiego
25.01.2019, godz. 18.00

A Global Approach to the Art of Eastern Europe - is the last book by Piotr Piotrowski, an outstanding researcher of contemporary art. Published posthumously, the book is an ambitious attempt to analyse the art of Eastern Europe, marginal and peripheral with respect to the mainstream, from the perspective of post-colonial theories.

The author calls for the recognition of the art of our region, omitted by publications on global art, and points to the need to develop an alter globalist art history, which would be a critical and reasonable alternative to the current ways of its creation. According to the author of Avant-garde in the Shadow of Yalta, studies in art history should create a more pluralistic and decentralized new artistic geography.

According to Piotr Piotrowski: "This type of research certainly not only meets the demand of cultural criticism of the hegemony of the West, but also contributes to the understanding of different cultures and cultural differences and of alter globalist solidarity".

participants: Anna Markowska, Magdalena Radomska, Rafał Jakubowicz

moderator: Marek Wasilewski

The meeting is co-organized by the Centre for Research on the Art of Central and Eastern Europe and on Piotr Piotrowski's Legacy.