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The Magicians
8.05.2018, godz. 9.00-12.00

The Magicians is a series of monthly classes for school children, supposed to generate a creative dialogue with the legacy of renowned Polish artists. We intend to induce kids to issues addressed in contemporary art, often regarded as less valuable in terms of the techniques and skills used and as hard to understand in terms of the message conveyed. Each meeting will be dedicated to a different artist. The May meeting, Play an Artsy Game, will be dedicated to the oeuvre of Ryszard Winiarski.

Can art be combined with play? Does following rules constrict form? How can one combine painting and maths? In his art, Ryszard Winiarski took advantage of the simplest modules of black and white squares and game dice; he threw the coin and applied mathematical principles. His paintings were, ultimately, the result of mathematical computations and probability theory, but first and foremost of chance. While the works seem similar, each is absolutely unique. During the workshop we will walk in Winiarski’s shoes, but also take one step farther. Making use of the same elements and principles, each participant will create their own, unrepeatable design of a mobile decoration. We will combine Winiarski’s mode of work with Alexander Calder’s technique and will see how a dice can walk us through a creative process.

The Zielona Grupa Association is involved in broadly-construed art and intercultural education. Its educators have developed their own method of work with children and young adults. It is based, e.g. on the technique of the Japanese kamishibai theatre. They have their own publishing house and hold multiple workshops for teachers, animators and librarians. Their activities have been duly appreciated on a number of occasions, e.g. by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Poznań Municipality, Konin County and PISOP Centre as well as by the organisers of grant-awarding competitions: Społecznik 2.0 and the Patriotism of Tomorrow.

booking and info:, 61 852 9501