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Ooooopening the book
3.02.2018, godz. 11.00 - 13.00

The meeting with Magdalena Chodorowska will be dedicated to joint creation of spatial illustrations. Children supported by adults will build a set, a scenography, using colour paper and coloured elements and non-obvious details. Opening a book, enclosed in cardboard folders (book covers) will result in a spectacular emergence of a stage / illustration.

Before starting the work, we will look at an example of such a book and the way it is built. We will also devote a moment to talking about choosing the topic of the work, so that the illustration might concern a narrative or experience important for the child (this is to be the child's book, after all). We will take our time to design the illustrations, perhaps to make sketches, to seek inspiration, and to implement technical fantasies.

We expect very impressive works that will surprise everyone with their scale. We hope that the work of children will trigger a sense of great creative possibilities, the joy of building spatial plans, giving them character by means of colours, and also, if time permits, dealing with subtle details.

Instead of a commemorative photograph, at the end of the workshop we will make our portraits and place them in a single one-page 3D book.

Magda Chodorowska - graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1998. Earlier, she attended Art High School in Supraśl. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Warsaw, Białystok, Konin, and Zakopane. She was awarded the second prize at the White Salon of Fine Arts at the Arsenał Gallery in Białystok (2001) for a series of large textiles. She deals with painting, drawing, frescos, book illustrations, and runs classes for children.  She has collaborated, among others, with Sztuka Puka and Zakamarki Publishing House. Currently, he cooperates with Pro Sinfonika, illustrating promotional materials for periodic concerts.