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An Afternoon with Horticultural Therapy
Meeting 4: Plant plaster casts
25.05.2022, 11 am

According to scientific research, working with plants is a very effective form of stress reduction. It boosts self-confidence and is a source of sensory stimulation. We invite you to a series of workshops during which plants will no serve just as a material for bouquets and flower arrangements, but will become an artistic medium used for creating simple graphics, paintings and photographs, etc. Classes for adults and children will be held at the same time, but in separate rooms. We provide materials, refreshments and an interpreter of Ukrainian and Russian.

During this workshop we will create amazing relief paintings. Nature gives us examples of such wonderful and intricate shapes and textures which are hard to imitate without a great deal of knowledge and skill in painting or sculpting. Therefore, we will not imitate nature, but make a faithful replica of it in the form of a plaster or cement cast. We will then paint and wax the casts to give them a more individual touch. This way we can bring out the finest details of the leaves and flowers and keep them in our home for a long time.

Participants: Women and children over 7 years old. Up to 10 adults per workshop.

Duration: 2h

Hosted by: Green Group Association