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Poniedziałek: nieczynne
Wtorek – Sobota: 12 — 19
Niedziela: 12 — 16

Who does public space belong to?
Spotkanie wokół wystawy Liliany Piskorskiej Skutki uboczne
4.06.2019, g. 18.30

The exhibition of Liliana Piskorska titled Side Effects addresses questions of the operation of the public realm, legal/illegal nature of the actions taken there, the possibility of its inclusion of a variety of attitudes, behaviours and norms. It moreover touches on the ways of operation of the present-day language of politics and values, which this language imposes or questions. During the meeting, we will talk about the show itself, about public space, about the language of today’s political debates, as well as about the need to create community in the precarious and uncertain conditions of the social and artistic world.

participants: Macieja Duda, Agnieszka Graff and Liliana Piskorska

moderator: Karolina Sikorska

photo Linguistic and Gender Asymmetry, Liliana Piskorska, 2017