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To nie jest hip-hop. Rozmowy II [This is no hip hop. Conversations II]
spotkanie wokół książki
10.10.2019, g. 18.00

Following the success of the first part, with favourable reviews e.g. in Polityka, Rzeczpospolita and Wprost, the continuation of the intriguing book To nie jest hip-hop. Rozmowy is going to come out. Jacek Baliński and Bartek Strowski once more invited 20 figures distinguished for Polish hip hop to ask them about the things no one has asked them before.

List of interviewees:

Czarny HIFI | donGURALesko | Forin | Holak | KęKę | Staszek Koźlik | Łajzol | Magiera | Matheo | Miuosh | Oskar (PRO8L3M) | Otsochodzi | Jan Porębski | Ras | Sobota | Solar/Białas | Taco Hemingway | Ten Typ Mes | Wilku WDZ | Żyto

The authors took special care to select a very diverse group of interlocutors. Hence, besides the most popular rappers there are also eminent figures who usually stand in the background. Nearly 70 (!) hours of recordings have translated into a very extensive book, which not only matched the level of its predecessor, but actually far surpasses it.

"Bartek and I wanted our guests to feel at ease with us and to be able to open up. We wanted to persuade them to talk frankly and exhaustively about all the factors that make each of them so fascinating and intriguing. I am confident that together we have managed to create something important," says Jacek Baliński, the originator and co-author of the book.

Carefully conducted and comprehensive interviews are not the only advantage of the book; it is also attractive from a visual, aesthetic point of view. The authors of analogue photographs and illustrations are the ones and only Ania Bystrowska and Jacek Rudzki Znajomy Grafik.

Book premiere is scheduled to take place on 27 September 2019.

with the participation of: Jacek Baliński, Bartek Strowski

moderator: Marcin Kostaszuk