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Niedziela: 12 — 16

Zazen w intencji ofiar trzęsienia ziemi w Tōhoku i katastrofy nuklearnej w Fukushimie 2011
4.12.2018, godz. 18.00

Mamoru Takahashi (MAMORU#001) is an avatar, a hybrid of images, stereotypes and beliefs we have about Japan. On the one hand, it evokes associations with the cultural heritage of the Land of the Cherry Blossom, on the other hand it is the quintessence of contemporary and futuristic props of consumption, a visual collage of: a geisha, a samurai, an androgynous cyborg, and Hello Kitty.

On March 11, 2011, a powerful and devastating earthquake struck north-eastern Japan. The tsunami caused by the earthquake damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, causing the biggest nuclear disaster in the new millennium. Zazen is the simplest, sitting form of meditation in Zen Buddhism. Its purpose is to "free oneself from suffering, desire for profit, stereotypes, and preconceptions". It is a mindful and complete participation in everything that manifests itself. Zazen cannot be comprehended with the help of definitions or images. You simply have to experience it.

In an hour-long session in the intention of the victims of the 2011 disaster, we will try to abandon the persistent images of Japan we harbour in our minds, being at the same time stimulated by the representation of this country. The dichotomous practice will help to bring us closer to understanding the complexity of a country engulfed in cultural chaos and isolation.

moderator: Danny Moore

set design/installation accompanying the event: r2d2 kolektyw