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Learning from the Amazons
14.11.2019, g. 18.00

The debate with the participation of activists, Amazons, feminists, and women scholars will focus on ways of self-organisation and solidarity in the face of disease and the upcoming ecological disaster caused by human activity.

The starting point for the discussion will be the experience of the Amazons, the largest feminist patient movement in Poland, active continuously for almost 30 years. We will try to answer the following questions: What can we learn from the Amazons? How to use their knowledge and experience in the emerging climate movement? How can various emancipatory movements support each other and strengthen each other in a common fight?


Lidia Sufinowicz (Amazons Federation of Associations)

Katarzyna Lewandowska (art historian, feminist)

Edyta Zierkiewicz (pedagogue, author of books and articles about the Amazons, feminist)

Aleksandra Polerowicz (organiser of MANIFAs, Camp for Climate, artist and curator)

Lena Osuch-Cierniak (high school student, climate activist: Extinction Rebellion)

moderator: Zofia nierodzińska