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Municipal Gallery Arsenał

Stary Rynek 6, 61-772 Poznań
T. +48 61 852 95 02

Opening hours:

Poniedziałek: nieczynne
Wtorek – Sobota: 12 — 19
Niedziela: 12 — 16

Finisage of the exhibition Poznań With No Eviction, Exploitation and Poverty! 25 years of Rozbrat!
debata o znaczeniu i przyszłości Rozbratu
26.09.2019, g. 18.00

The squat Rozbrat was set up in Poznań 25 years ago this October. As an independent socio-cultural centre, this place has become part of the history of the city and its inhabitants. A debate on issues related to what it means, what functions it performs, what its own future and that of related initiatives is according to activists and city officials will be held by:

Beata Siemieniako – lawyer, author of the book Reprywatyzując Polskę

Jarek Urbański – Association of Lodgers of Wielkopolska

Magda Malinowska - Inicjatywa Pracownicza Trade Union, Rozbrat Collective

moderator: Wanda Wasilewska