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Drag Queen. Performance
workshop with Babcia
10.01.2023, 6 PM

Performance, as I understand it, is an extension of our drag persona and, through stage performance, impart a context to it. This, for me, is the vital if the most difficult part of a good drag.

The most visible type of drag performance is the one seen on TV shows. It usually looks like a drag queen dancing to music, doing crazy stunts and impersonating the one performing the song. However, this is only one type of drag performance. Those who attend shows know that you can expect anything at drag events, from comic parodies of famous people, dance shows, visual and circus performances, through to sad stories of past traumas. All of this is encapsulated in a four-minute performance on stage. I would like to show the audience what this looks like in practice.

I create most of my performances from the things I buy in a store. I usually do not have any idea of what the performances are about or what their message is, but I nevertheless always try to tell a story that begins, unfolds and ends. I would like to tell people listening to me how I try to make my performance interesting.

I wish to demonstrate the ABCs of safe performing, namely where I think the audience/performer boundary lies.

I would like the attendees to use my tips to subsequently come up with their own idea for a gag, which is the turning point of a drag performace, the element the audience remembers best.