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Belarus now!
Perspectives of cultural workers
1.09.2020, g. 18.00
We invite you to the meeting: "Belarus now! Perspectives of cultural workers" with participation of: Jana Shostak, Raman Tratsiuk, Uladzimir Pazniak, Uladzimir Hramovich and Lesya Pchelka - moderated by Vera Zalutskaya. We will talk about current events in Belarus from a personal perspective and from the point of view of people working in contemporary art. Belarusian protests are a unique phenomenon, and they are distinguished above all by their peaceful character and the lack of leaders. The scale of events is also impressive: the number of people involved and geography (from the capital to the villages). In this situation, the regime is using all possible means of propaganda, intimidation and violence to maintain power, but how effective are they in an era of rapid messengers and an information war? What is the role of art in all this, is there room for it and how can we support each other in its field? During the discussion, we will consider these and a number of other questions relating to the present and future of Belarus.

The meeting in Polish, on the Zoom platform, broadcasted live on our Facebook profile.

 Everybody strike!, Masha Svyatogor, 2020