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Art Brut różnorodnie
promocja książki oraz panel dyskusyjny poświęcony granicom sztuki i kreatywności
17.01.2019, godz. 18.00

The book Art Brut różnorodnie, edited by Joanna Daszkiewicz and Sonia Rammer, is a comprehensive bilingual study on "raw" creativity, quite unique on the Polish publishing market. The richly illustrated and thoroughly designed monograph contains various perspectives on the conceptualization of the problem; historical (taking into account geopolitical realities), philosophical, psychological and economic.

The book consists of two parts. The first is primarily dedicated to theoretical considerations and the other one is a monograph of the oeuvre of Tadeusz Głowala, a brut artist, a resident of the Social Home in Miszewo. The book concludes with a calendar which shows art brut as part of a vast cultural perspective, starting from 1793 (the earliest humanitarian methods of care over mental patients), finishing with 2008 (two Czech exhibitions and a Polish documentary titled Sztuka zwana art-brut [Art called art-brut]). The reviews written by Dr hab. Krzysztof Moraczewski, a professor at Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań and Robert Kuśmirowski, a visual artist, indicate the need for adequately addressing the complex issue of art brut. Both reviewers stress the necessity to refer with sensitivity to an art created on the outskirts of culture, in a world far from social elites. Art brut, often created by excluded people who are not fully aware of its uniqueness, may become an area of appropriation, manipulation and simplified analyses made for a market thirsty for authenticity and novelty. The editors of the monograph were mainly interested in emphasizing the diverse approach to the phenomenon of art brut without seeking unambiguous conclusions.

The book is a result of studies conducted at the Faculty of Artistic Education and Curatorship in Poznań in 2013-2017, and its publication was financed from the research funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the 2015-2017 period.