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Municipal Gallery Arsenał

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Poniedziałek: nieczynne
Wtorek – Sobota: 12 — 19
Niedziela: 12 — 16

What does a sliced apple and a staircase have in common?
Family Encounters with Art Workshop
26.11.2022, 11 AM - 1 PM

Is a diced or sliced apple still an apple? Will it taste the same when served on a plate as when placed in a bowl? Does a staircase that leads nowhere make sense? Is it still a staircase? Does it matter? Let's look for the answers by learning more about Monika Sosnowska's art.

Referring to the work of sculptor Monika Sosnowska, we propose a workshop of creative deconstruction. Ultimately, we will work in clay. It is a graceful material, very malleable and ideal for deformation. However, we will make prototypes of our sculptures from sheets of paper, with an image of the Poznań Arsenal building printed on them.

We will do a 2D deconstruction, creating a new image of the gallery; everyone will be able to cut their sheet into pieces and sketch their building in this way. With this, the participants will prepare their vision, a prototype of their new dream gallery for artists. Then, everyone will make a clay sculpture from a piece of clay, based on their previous sketches, already reflecting the spatial character of this project.

admission free

moderator: Filip Brzyski


Filip Brzyski – sculptor, educator. Co-founder of Czytogruszka initiative which holds numerous workshops for children. He is inspired by nature and the energy of vibrant life. In his own BRZYSKI studio, he is constantly seeking, exploring and experiencing, while teaching others. At Arsenał Municipal Gallery he has already held full-day holiday programs for children.