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Poniedziałek: nieczynne
Wtorek – Sobota: 12 — 19
Niedziela: 12 — 16

Subcutaneous Meaning
5.12.2019, g. 10.00 — 13.30

We will focus on what eludes the eye at first sights. We will concentrate on the body, however not the body as seen from the outside, which occupies our thoughts when we see ourselves in the mirror or watch the clothes people wear. We will look at the body from the inside and our activities will focus on the bodily organs and systems, tissues, vessels and their interconnections. We will listen to their rhythms and pulsations, try to feel for their shapes and structures, maybe even we will manage to see their colours with our "inner eyes". The pictures by Grzegorz Sztwiertnia will be an impulse and an invitation for us to take up our own journeys into the depths of our bodies. We will use both our knowledge and our imagination, since art allows you to freely draw from these two areas. We will practice the interpretations of what the artist's works say to us and how our body communicates with us amidst all that. We will work with intuition, ask questions, discover and build moving-moveable sculptures. We will try with the help of art to look at subcutaneous meanings.

moderator: Zofia Małkowicz-Daszkowska