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Spring Art Therapy #3
Fluid Art / Pouring
9.05.2024, 10 am - noon

Pouring, rather painting by pouring, is a popular technique in acrylic painting, which involves pouring a mixture of paint and a special medium. The creative process is simple and intuitive, and the resulting works are unique.

This means that there are no two identical paintings. It is not necessary to have exceptional artistic skills to create Fluid Art paintings, and besides, this technique is useful in therapy. It is recommended for people with depression, those suffering from insomnia and those living under stress... Watching the paint spill across the canvas is a kind of meditation and relaxation, lifting you away from everyday life. This is why Fluid Art is not only beautiful, but also beneficial to health.

Anyone who wants to try out the effects of this technique on themselves is welcome to attend the workshop.

moderator: Oksana Vykhovanets

registration: joanna.tekla@arsenal.art.pl