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Mobile Gardens. On Plants in the City

Our free-of-charge art workshops area geared to organised groups of school children and young people aged 11-15 years. They are dedicated to biodiversity and ecology in the city.  A visit to our gallery will offer the participants a chance to see the exhibition New City Scenarios. Designing for the City in the Process of Sustainable Development (11.05-3.06.2018).


Workshop program:

22 May 2018, 9:00am-12 noon Mobile Gardensworkshops for school children (11-15 years)

The workshop focuses on questions and ides of extending the area occupied by plants within city limits. We will reflect on how and where to set up city gardens, which may also be mobile in nature. We will try and design our patches of greenery, making use of car and bus rooftops and bicycle luggage racks as potential places of tiny and less tiny gardens.

Aim and activities: cooperation, ecology, space design, thinking outside the box about gardens and plants in urban space, practical skills of sowing plants.

23 May 2018, 9:00am-12 noon Plants at Table workshops for school children (11-15 years)

The workshop is inspired not only by the idea of biodiversity linked with the motif of the Mad Tea Party at the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We want to demonstrate that having plants in our homes, too, being surrounded by them in everyday life is both much simpler and more fun that we could think. Therefore ... we jump out of the pots and will lay a table together where plants will be guests of honour. We will learn how to sow them and care about them so that they could live longer in cups, jars, cans, and containers which serve other purposes on a daily basis.

Aim and activities: ecology, development of aesthetic appreciation, interpretation of culture texts, recycling, DIY, aesthetics, interior design, thinking outside the box about gardens and plants in urban space, practical skills of sowing plants.

24 May 2018, 9:00am-12 noon Plant Cityworkshops for school children (11-15 years)

Plants are a magnificent world of shapes and colours. We will therefore give in to our unbridled imagination during the workshop and create unique models of cities, whose buildings and spaces will be inspired by shapes to be encountered in the world of plants. We will be helped out here by an unusual book– Botanicum (published by Wydawnictwo Dwie Siostry), full of bizarre forms and colours, which will inspire us to construct an imaginary city. Apart from creating models and working in groups, we will talk about diversity, its harmonious care and needs.

Aim and activities: ecology, architecture, spatial thinking, constructing models, training cooperation in groups, collage, work with the book, creative thinking, home economics.

Natalia Adamczyk – was to be a Polish Studies student yet already at university, thanks to cooperation with the Centre for the Art of the Child in Poznań, she decided to seek a career slightly further on, in a far-away land located somewhere behind many reading rooms. Now she focuses on holding workshops and animating art activities for children as well as on extracurricular education. She cooperates e.g. with Porta Posnania, publishers of books for children, Zamek Culture Centre (Bicycle Library), Inspiracje Nauczanki periodical. With the Serdecznik Foundation she hold annual series of art classes with elements of art therapy and hospital failry tale duties in children’s wards.

Joanna Zaworska – comes from Gdynia, studied Cultural Studies in Toruń and decided to switch to Theatre Studies in Poznań. Irrespective of her place of residence, for over a decade together with children she has discovered the secrets of the world in music projects and those that are "close to nature". That is why after years of working in the food sector, she decided to change her career and took up Pedagogy at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

info/ booking:, 61 852 9501