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Niedziela: 12 — 16

Fight drought with herbs
premiera: 2.09.2020

In the wake of the climate crisis and unpredictable, harsh weather conditions, we will tell you how people tried to influence the weather with folk magic, and how they coped with the consequences of spells. Did plants have a chance to help or was their power only symbolical? Our drift will take the form of a spontaneous stroll, an unscripted ramble around the city/woods in search of magic plants. We will slip into the roles of sorceresses, weather whisperers and shamanesses who use herbs in order to invoke rain. Using the herbs and plants we will find in the city/woods, we will create magical objects: amulets, wands, talismans and incense for any weather. At the end, we will perform the ritual that will help all inhabitants of Earth – humans, animals, fungi and plants. We would like to invite everyone to watch the film, especially families with children and people interested in ethnobotany, which studies relationships between people and plants, and the traditional use of plants by humans. The authors are two herbalists from the “Dziewczyny w Naturze” [Girls in Nature] association: Sara Grolewska (Sara Dobre Ziele) and Anka Gruszka (Ruta Pindyrynda), who try to practise good ethnobotanical habits of our ancestors and ancestresses in everyday life.

An educational film, as part of Magical Engagement

Performing: Sara Grolewska and Anka Gruszka („Dziewczyny w Naturze” [Girls in Nature])