thursday, 20 june Open 12 — 19
Municipal Gallery Arsenał

Stary Rynek 6, 61-772 Poznań
T. +48 61 852 95 02

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Poniedziałek: nieczynne
Wtorek – Sobota: 12 — 19
Niedziela: 12 — 16

Faces of Involvement
20.02.2021, noon

Activism doesn’t happen accidentally; it's intentional and usually well planned. We won't deliberate on the word itself but will try to answer questions: Who can become involved? What can they do? Whom to invite? What do we need to organize an event? With whom should we form alliances? What do we want to talk about? Whom to help? Together we will find ways to tear down walls and build bridges, realizing our own resources and possibilities. We will talk about filter bubbles, fake news, misinformation. We will think about choosing methods that fit our current needs, so that our efforts would pay off. We will take a closer look at potential technical and organizational problems and consider legal aspects, which should not be ignored in the given situation. The list of topics and problems that will be touched upon is open and depends on participants' expectations and needs.  The workshops are aimed at cooperation and collective development by mutual learning.

Agata Oleynova – a specialist in cultural studies, involved in numerous grassroots non-hierarchical activities related to e.g. feminism, human rights, and ecology, i.e. Humans of Aleppo, Garażówka in Poznań, etc. Currently involved in the #Webimmunisation research project led by Poznan University of Technology, which aims to answer the question of how social networks can develop immunity to disinformation.

Moderator: Agata Oleynova

The cycle consists of 6 workshops. We start online but if the situation allows it, we will meet in person.

The number of participants is limited, sign up here: