„Spacelove” – exhibition of Michaela Konrad’s works

08.08.2014 / G. 18.00


Poster of Michaela Konrad's works exhibition

Galeria Miejska Arsenał, participating in the 5th International Comic Culture Festival „Ligatura”, is going to present some of the most renowned works from the „Spacelove” series, created by an Austrian comic drawer, Michaela Konrad. The artist, who works on this series from 2003, was many times awarded abroad for her skills allowing her wonderfully merge different ways of constructing the pictures even with video art and comic. Recently her works were exhibited in Centro Municipal de Arte Grafico in Santa Cruze de Tenerife and they are also in the collection of famous Albertina Museum in Vienna. Inspirations for the „Spacelove” series can be traced in the „Apollo” astronauts’ impressions, which were modernized by comic pictoriality, especially by implementing some iconic photos from the space-travel era. Juxtaposed with an immersing power of women’s solitude on Moon, they ask for a sense of elemental feelings (love, free will, mind) in the world lacking any kind of gravity.

Artist: Michaela Konrad

Coordinators: Michał Słomka, Bogna Błażewicz, Georgi Gruew

Vernissage: 8th August 2014, 18:00

Exhibition lasts: to 10th August 2014


Partners and co-organizers:

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